You treat the furniture like part of me

Various works, 2004 - 2014:

pneu babel (2004), It pays to be thrifty (2005), We in will our beds be killed (2006), Here abandon all who enter hope (2007), Chaise traceur (2007), Uber stuhl (2007), You tube my pink batts (2008), tablet/taster (2009), prosthesis (2010), garg{oy}le (2010/14)

What began entering an old studio in Christchurch to find a derelict chair with no seat and a broken leg, has become an ongoing obsession with everyday apparatus around sites of living and working - chairs, mattresses, ceiling panels, fluorescent lights, and so on.

How do object relations act as affective go-betweens, when we find ourselves already part of the built environment, thinking with it and feeling our way through? How do performers draw vitality effects from inanimate matter, as a kind of phase shift in our prehension of cultural artefacts and their abstract textures? What is the futurity of bodies and buildings in our becoming architectural?

Through this project trajectory, a more discrete focus emerges with the Chair Series (2007-2010), the core  of my doctoral research - ‘Sponging the Chair: Diagramming Affect through Architecture and Performance’ (2013). And now with O'megaVille (2014-15), its scope enters the urban field at a planetary scale (albeit infrathin), where objects withdraw, withhold, and multiply upon a surface of appearances.