grobak padi

Public art, multimedia dance, video-installation, food and community participation, live link with Indonesian artists and communities

Melbourne Festival 2012
City Square, Swanston Street & FOXTEL Festival Hub

ISEA2013 - International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney
Parramatta Riverside & Wayang Ukur, Yogjakarta – 14th & 15th June
College of Fine Arts (UNSW) & Wayang Ukur, Yogjakarta – 16th June, ISEA closing event

Calling Jogja... a conversation with Indonesia

An intimate exchange between cultures and cities through a multimedia fusion of food, film and dance... Grobak Padi brings a delegation of traditional gerobak food carts to Australia from the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. Like a mobile system of mini restaurants, the gerobaks are the life-blood of Jogja’s streets; while the padi or rice field evokes a sense of gratitude, for appreciating the abundance we already have.

Dancers Agung Gunawan (Indonesia) and Tony Yap (Malaysia-Australia) search for what is contemporary and timeless in the body, drawing on their backgrounds in Javanese dance and states of trance in Asian shamanic mediumship. Agung and Tony portray a gerobak cultura animi or cultivation of the soul, as an intrinsic quality passing between buyers and sellers. Video artist Michael Hornblow (New Zealand-Australia) complements the dance and fine fare by embedding the gerobaks with moving portraits from the padi field and street life in Jogja, alongside multichannel live links between carts in both cities. Cooks from the Melbourne and Sydney Indonesian communities serve authentic Javanese street food alongside their compatriots in Jogja, offering us the chance to share a meal with our closest neighbours.

From the intimate level of one-on-one video chat, to largescale projections, the project aims to create a different kind of public space, using cross-platform media to foster an amicable culinary and cultural bond across the Timor Sea. Through delicious Indonesian food and the movement of hybrid vehicles, to video streaming and multimedia dance performance, Grobak Padi creates a cross-cultural dining experience like no other.

Created by Michael Hornblow, Agung Gunawan and Tony Yap
Creative Director, Producer and Video Installation Artist: Michael Hornblow
Choreographed and performed by Tony Yap and Agung Gunawan
ISEA Video Streaming Producer: Martin Renaud
ISEA Production Manager: Michelle O’Brien
ISEA Technical Director: Ian Andrews
ISEA Community Liaison and Online Media: Rully Zakariah
Indonesian Production Managers: Bimo Suryojati and Altiyanto Henryawan
Cooks: the Indonesian communities of Sydney, Melbourne and Yogyakarta

ISEA2013 presentation produced by 5 Foot Way, ISEA2013, and supported by ISEA2013, Parramatta City Council, Metro Screen and Multicultural Arts Victoria. Melbourne Festival 2012 iteration produced and presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria, CAKE Productions, Melbourne Festival, and Playking Foundation. Further support by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Australia-Indonesia Institute, and Performance Klub (Yogjakarta)