garg{oy}le: autopoeitic cannibalism

3-channel video installation, live art, sound environment, cultural theory and practice-based research

New York, 2014 - Glasshouse Gallery, The Proceeding Procedure      
Melbourne / International, 2010 - AG3, 3rd Arakawa and Gins Conference

A speculative fiction in which the historical archetype of the gargoyle returns as a contemporary figure of precarious becoming.
Food, furniture, and the body form a fragile co-existence, entering strange loops of an autopoeitic cannibalism.

The gargoyle is a hybrid chimera perched on the cusp of the human/animal, embedded up to its armpits in architecture. In its contemporary guise it abandons the facade to find a new parapet - a stack of 5 chairs tethered together with tensegrity engineering. Rising up to gargle at the ceiling the gargoyle enters a loop of endless striving and a state of exhaustion. This is generated in the performance through the precarity of the chair stack, the strained musculature, and constraining effects of the creature’s skin (black seaweed paper). Meanwhile, another exhaustion moves back and forth in time through an endless looping of the video via imperceptible shifts at each end of the action. All these loops go through the motions of a wave - from the waves of affect passing through the body, to the curvature of the chair stack, and where the image becomes a faceted motion study, or an endless line of gargoyles falling into depth. Strange loops become an autopoeitic cannibalism when the gargoyle reflects on the effects of the gargle by eating his rice brain, feeding on what both sustains and eats away at him. Food for thought...

Performer, Writer, Director, Designer: Michael Hornblow
Producers: Christie Stott, Michael Hornblow 
Director of Photography: Andy Lane 
Camera Operators: Andy Lane, Sam Hoffmann, Paul Anderson
Costume Designer: Romanie Harper 
Gaffer, Chair Wrangler: Robbie Khol 
Gaffer, Art Dept. Assist: Ric Richmond 
Tensegrity Design Engineering: Jerome Frumar, Yi Yi Zhou 
Video Documentation: Leah Smith 
Thanks: Andy Miller, Tony Yap

Animation & Compositing: Tim Budgen
Sound Design (Melbourne): Jeffrey Hannam
Sound Design (Montreal): Christian Olsen