Hip hop documentary / promo - 8:47mins

diep salute

Shouts out to the 'sloot!

The Hip hop community in Diepsloot, Johannesburg is a compelling example of grassroots cultural activism, where young people express themselves through rhythms and rhymes as a matter of survival, within a social fabric stretched to breaking point by poverty, crime, and the impact of HIV/Aids.

This video was produced with the support of Global Studio and the Dieplsoot Arts and Culture Network. Global Studio is a place-based action research program where international students, academics, and professionals come together with local universities, local government, NGOs, and CBOs to collaborate with disadvantaged communities. In Diepsloot this involved working with the community to develop sustainable capacity-building intitiatives in the areas of Housing, Environment, and Arts and Culture. It was an honor and a pleasure to make diep salute, with the talented MCs and dancers from Diep Movement - Acid Lunatics, Flame Force, The Legends, Clash Stars, and Andele Art and Entertainment.