Michael has a broad interdisciplinary background in performance, video making, media art, design, curating / arts management, critical writing, academic research and teaching. This hybrid approach is informed by his recent doctoral research-by-practice in the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (RMIT, Melbourne); and currently post-doctoral research in relational art and philosophy at Senselab (Concordia University, Montreal). In his doctoral work Michael explored affective and diagrammatic relations within and across the body and the built environment. In dance, he trained with Min Tanaka, Kazuo Ohno, Tony Yap, Yumi Umiumare, Ko Murobushi, and others; and has performed in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe.

Michael works across art practice and arts management with an interest in speculative modes of urban existence moving within and between cities and cultures. Recently he was Creative Director, Producer and Video Artist for an Indonesia-Australia collaboration of ‘Grobak Padi’ at Melbourne Festival 2012 and the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013) in Sydney. This work was initiated through an Artist Residency with the Australia-Indonesia Institute in 2010 and first presented at the Jogja National Museum (Yogjakarta, Indonesia). In 2008 Michael co-curated Beyond Butoh, and in 2009 was Co-Artistic Director of PULSE, a series of site-specific performances on city rooftops in Melbourne. In Malaysia, he was Co-Creative Director of MAPFEST 2009, and Co-Curator of the MAPFEST 2010 Visual Arts program.

In video production Michael has produced projects in the areas of mental health, drug rehabilitation, art activism, architecture and multicultural arts. In 2007 he interviewed landmine patients in the Saharawi refugee camps of Algeria, in 2008 filmed and edited a multi-channel video installation exploring Antonio Guadi’s Sagrada Familiar cathedral (Barcelona), in 2009 made a Hip-hop video in a Johannesburg squatter settlement, and in 2010 directed the Aboriginal dance documentary ‘Lu’Arn’.

Michael’s ongoing performance series ‘You treat the furniture like part of me’ uses everyday apparatus - chairs, mattresses, food, and dead machines - to explore affective relations as a displacement of objects and images. A recent iteration was presented at the conference-event, ‘Time Forms: the Temporalities of Aesthetic Experience’ (McGill University, Montreal).


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