Post-Doctoral Research

Senselab, Concordia University
Montreal, Canada

My current post-doctoral fellowship at Senselab in Montreal works with theories and practices of relation, participation, and micro-politics through a range of collaborative projects in interdisciplinary research creation. This includes, the cross-platform media-art and performance project OmegaVille; turning my doctoral research into a book for Open Humanities Press; co-editing an upcoming issue of Inflexions Journal; while participating in other projects and events at Senselab and through the wider Immediations network.

Current research interests include:
Cinematic narrative as expanded practice / media-art ecology; Max/MSP & Jitter; interdisciplinary practice-based research through relational philosophy; theory and practice of event making as collective and relational; a politics of abstraction through community engagement; hybrid strategies for curatorial and practice-based research creation and collaboration.