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Last spotted in the rice fields of Indonesia, an extra-terrestrial flotilla is about to crash-land at Junction Festival in Launceston, Tasmania! 

5FootWay is a journey into DIY science fiction, featuring participatory food performance, dance video, and live links between Junction and sister Pelem Festival, in a village high up in the hills of Central Java. The Harvest Market will play host to Europa Moon Lander, a roving food cart that’s half boat and half bicycle. Join us for a rolling buffet of recipe relays, then that evening, come to Prince’s Square, where the Moon Lander meets its bamboo mothership, Satellite Maroon.

SAT 10  8:30am - 12:30pm
Free: no bookings required
Venue: Harvest Market, 71 Cimitiere St

SAT 10  6pm - 10pm
Free Venue: Prince's Square

5FootWay draws its influences from Javanese animism and a primordial resilience particular to Tasmania. Sharing food with our neighbours, across Bass Strait to the Timor Sea, becomes a playful way to look at what gets lost in translation through cross-cultural collaboration. It also offers a space for discussing our collective alienations - around livelihood and inequality, food security and wellbeing, colonisation and ecological degradation. Such issues are local, regional and planetary in reach, passing back and forth from paddock to plate. How can we digest their distances as they arrive with intimate proximity? What problems and potentials arise for the future of food, and how may they become tangible through acts of creative hospitality? These questions inform our discussion as we create new trajectories for a foodie flotilla straight out of some magic-realist science-fiction, to be invented.

Pelem Festival is in its first year as an international performance event, directed by Agung Gunawan
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5FOOTWAY is in partnership with the Launceston Harvest Market, University of Tasmania, Creative Exchange Institute, and Pelem Festival; with many thanks to Asia Institute TasmaniaFORM, and the Asialink Artist Residency program.

Collaborators, 2014-16: Mike Hornblow, Agung Gunawan, Deasylina da Ary, Iwan Wijono, RM Altiyanto Henryawan, Bimo Suryojati, Farik Eko, James Sadara, Timmy Hartadi, Djoyonegoro Pardiman's A Capella Chorus, Wayang Ukur, the Australian Indonesian Youth Association, students from ISI Yogyakarta, Pradapa Loka Bhaktia dance school in Pacitan, and the Merapi Purba Community in Wonosari, Design Studio 8 students at the University of Tasmania


5FootWay is an ongoing interdisciplinary project created by Mike Hornblow (Australia/New Zealand), and Agung Gunawan (Indonesia), with creative development through Grobak Padi with Tony Yap (Australia/Malaysia) at ISEA 2013 and Melbourne Festival 2012. The 5FootWay iterations had their inception through Mike's 2014 Asialink Artist Residency in Yogjakarta, with further development at PUBLIC 2016 in Perth. 

5footway started with a story - 

'A rumour is going around Jogja that an alien has crash-landed somewhere in a Padi field
It's spaceship was seen breaking up in free-fall ... some say it looked like an old Vespa
attached to the back of a Satay Chicken food cart from Madura

The Kukuyuruk Team need your help to find the Alien and it's magical vehicle
Debris has spread over a wide area - in the fields, the village and the city
People have found fragments of a helmet, a petrol bottle, a shoe, a tyre... 
All seem to have magical properties of an unknown technology,
changing form and replicating themselves, pointing in strange directions... 

Please let us know if you find anything... maybe you have some ideas
about what they can do or where they may lead us? '

Terima kasih,
Team Kukuyuruk

This was the premise for a ‘mockumentary’ approach that asked local people in Jogja to invent the story with us. The ‘alien’ found its impetus with an ancient pyramid in Java, to become Agung dancing in the padi field, then Mike the ‘crazy bule’ asking people on the street if they’d seen an alien around. The alien proliferated as local people took on the role... becoming a little crab a farmer found in the flooded padi field, and finally a dinosaur chicken from one of Jupiter’s moons - Europa. 

Indonesia Bahasa:
Ada desas desus di Jogja, sebuah pesawat Alien telah mendarat darurat di sebuah areal persawahan. Pesawat luar angkasa itu hancur berkeping-keping saat jatuh. Beberapa saksi mata mengatakan pesawat itu menyerupai sebuah vespa tua yang bergandengan dengan gerobak sate Madura.

Puing-puing pesawat itu tersebar dimana-mana, di persawahan, di kampung-kampung, bahkan di kota. Orang-orang menemukan serpihan helm, botol bensin, sepatu, ban, dan semakin lama semakin banyak serpihan yang ditemukan. Setiap puing dan serpihan yang ditemukan itu seperti memiliki teknologi canggih yang tidak bisa dipahami manusia, benda-benda itu bisa berubah bentuk dan menggandakan diri.

Saat ini tim Kukuyuruk (sebuah tim pencari fakta keberadaan Alien), membutuhkan bantuan untuk menemukan keberadaan Alien dan pesawat itu. Puing-puing yang ditemukan memberikan petunjuk yang cukup sulit untuk dipahami. Tolong beritahu kami jika kalian menemukan sesuatu benda aneh. Barangkali kalian tahu bagaimana cara kerja benda-benda itu, atau petunjuk-petunjuk yang bisa kami dapatkan dari benda-benda itu.

Terima kasih,
Tim Kukuyuruk


Video stills, 5footway :